Big Data Change Agents

Innovation and being at the cutting edge of technology excites me. Today we’re at the cusp of a myriad of business breakthroughs as more and more organizations fully embrace big data and explore the opportunities it presents to make a difference in business, in healthcare in retail and in our way of life. In a recent article with IBM Data Magazine I looked at IBM’s Big Data and Analytics Heroes. The men and women who are charting new courses with big data and analytics. They are in the trenches making big data work within their organizations. They are on the speaker circuits educating their peers and colleagues on big data. And they are sharing the promise and possibilities of big data and analytics initiatives.

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Are you a Frequent Returner?

Businesses are touting personalization, customer intimacy and improved customer experiences. Yet customer service today is still that elusive vapor, that thing we know exists but we can never actually grasp. Unfortunately, for many businesses, a dynamic customer experience is still very much theory minus the practicum.

This past week a customer complaint to a retailer with regards to flagging customers for “frequent returns”  piqued my interest.  Here’s an excerpt of that Facebook post which has since been removed by the retailer:

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